Traffic Control Centres

Bakwena currently operates two traffic control centres on behalf of SANRAL to ensure that vehicles using the roads are not over-loaded and are road worthy.

Bapong Traffic Control Centre (BTTC)

Based on Bakwena’s success in managing the MTCC on the N1, SANRAL contracted Bakwena to carry out the same function at the BTCC on the N4. The BTCC is the first traffic control centre on the N4 west of Pretoria.

SANRAL built this world class facility 18 km west of Brits on the N4 and installed state of the art equipment to regulate all traffic electronically without human intervention. All heavy vehicles on the N4 and the R104 running parallel to the N4 are screened and vehicles are directed to BTCC where they are weighed and overloaded vehicles are prosecuted.

The BTCC can do roadworthy tests on heavy vehicles and serves as a hub for other law enforcement activities on the N4 and R104. North West Traffic law enforcement officers are permanently stationed at the BTCC.

BTCC also looks after the health of drivers using the corridor by holding health and fitness days three times a year in conjunction with the provincial health department, EMS and local clinics where drivers are screened and if necessary, referred to their doctors.

Mantsole Traffic Control Centre (MTCC)

The Mantsole Traffic Control Centre is the flagship of traffic control centres in South Africa. This centre was upgraded in 2005 and again in 2014 and controls truck loading on the N1 and R101 to reduce wear and tear on the road and the potential for accidents due to overloading.

The MTCC was established by the Department of Transport to manage and improve load control. SANRAL has contracted Bakwena to manage, operate and maintain the MTCC while the Limpopo province provides the traffic officers for law enforcement duties associated with overload control, which includes issuing prosecution notices. A roadside court in the grounds of the Traffic Control Centre handles cases of traffic infringements including overloading.