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N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) is a single purpose company responsible for the design, construction, financing, operating and maintenance of the N3 Highway between Cedara, KwaZulu-Natal and Heidelberg, Gauteng in South Africa.

MCLI is a group of infrastructure investors, service providers and users, focussed on the promotion and further development of the Maputo Corridor, as a contribution to the aims and objectives of the Maputo Development Corridor.

The RTMC was established to initiate and run an effective road management system throughout South Africa and to bring a professional approach and improved confidence into the entire system.

The AA was formed in 1930 after the dissolution of the Federation of Automobile Clubs, with the aim of tackling motoring issues with national and macro-economic impact.

Lead the development of integrated efficient transport systems by creating a framework of sustainable policies, regulations and implementable models to support government strategies for economic, social and international development.

The GRSP ZA is committed to reducing road crash related fatalities and injuries in partnership with all sectors. To mobilise resources from government business and civil society to support the development and implementation of the National Road Safety Strategy and action plan.

We are proud to be a company that contributed to a major change in how events are timed and results produced in South Africa and the African continent.

MasterDrive is an Advanced Driver Training company, with our core focus being Defensive Driver Training. We are a dedicated team of Driver Education and Safety Awareness Practitioners that are capable of supplying and customizing any course to suit your companies or individual needs.

Arrive Alive was initiated by the Department of Transport in October 1997. It aims to decrease the fatalities on our roads by 5% annually. This is in line with the Department of Transport’s mission: To ensure an acceptable level of quality in road traffic, with emphasis on road safety, on the South African urban and rural road network.

The International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA) is the worldwide alliance of toll operators and associated industries that provides a forum for sharing knowledge and ideas to promote and enhance toll-financed transportation services.

St John offers First Aid and Home Care training to commerce and industry, schools, government departments, the military and of course to the general public so that they can assist in times of emergency at home and work. The range of courses is designed to cater for the advanced First Aider to young schoolchildren as well as those individuals with limited reading and writing skills.

The South African Road Federation (SARF) is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of the road transport industry in South Africa by dissemination of information, the promotion of sound policies and by education and training.

Remember: No helmet, no ride! No chip, not time, no result, no prize money.

Wheel Well is a non-profit company that focus exclusively on children in Road Safety. We strive to raise awareness, educate and effect changes and enforcement of legislation on issues surrounding road safety pertaining to children both in and around the vehicle. This will be accomplished through visible community and national campaigns/ projects. Wheel Well will align with partners and sponsors of like mind, whilst maintaining complete integrity and transparency in its activities.