Bakwena is committed to a programme of corporate social investment which supports and contributes to the development of communities along the Bakwena N1N4 Corridor.

The principles of our corporate social investment involvement are based on the basic values of community development and taking learnings from previous projects and experiences, which supports and contributes to the development of communities along the Bakwena N1 and N4 freeways. We do our best to generate maximum benefits for communities and our projects are managed accordingly.

Our CSI programmes currently focus on:

  • Skills development and education through, amongst others, the allocation of two bursaries for undergraduate studies, community road safety education and awareness programmes, environmental education workshops for educators, life skills and vocational training for previously disadvantaged employees;
  • Support and encouragement of entrepreneurial development through a dedicated Development Fund;
  • Support to various community development initiatives on an ad hoc basis (subject to selected criteria);
  • Support to youth sports development such as the Kopanang Bakwena Football Club based in Hammanskraal;
  • Support to selected established community events and activities that contribute to charities and/or local economic development and tourism potential such as the Marico Bosveld Myl.

Bakwena’s CSI objectives are:

  • Improved road safety and environmental education in schools along the corridor
  • Improved road safety conditions around schools and communities
  • Support of initiatives to safeguard and develop the environment and heritage along the corridor
  • Improved well-being of communities along the corridor
  • Business and infrastructure development in communities must focus on local business and previously disadvantaged individuals

Our programmes have had a meaningful impact on many aspects of the lives of people in communities around the routes that we operate. We are committed to their road safety and well-being, but we also focus on other initiatives that will bring positive change in their day-to-day lives that will deliver long-term benefits. From informative programmes to educating children on road safety to programmes raising awareness for environmental heritage, we believe that we have the responsibility as a business not only to build, maintain and operate effective freeways, but also to improve the lives of the people along these routes. It’s the journey that matters and therefore we are committed to making a difference every kilometre of the way.

The Bakwena CSI programmes focus mainly on children and previously disadvantaged individuals. We have a long-term relationship with schools along the corridor and a life-long relationship with some learners. Our road safety projects are designed to reach learners from Grade 1 to Grade 12 to ensure that learners of all ages can use our roads safely. We have also established a development fund for qualifying upcoming entrepreneurs that offers funding and mentoring.

Bakwena will only get involved with CSI projects which are:

  • Done with the community and not for them
  • Sustainable in the long-term
  • Part of an integrated programme
  • Attractive to other sponsors and have potential for partnerships
  • Contribute to good practice for implementation elsewhere
  • Done in cooperation with government departments/agencies, and
  • Done in partnership to improve the plight of communities.

Selected communities and schools along the N1 and N4 freeways form part of the current target areas for projects.
The target areas include the following:


  • Hammanskraal


  • Bapong
  • Swartruggens
  • Groot Marico
  • Zeerust
  • lehurutshe
  • Dinokana

We strive to create a balanced geographical investment and support smaller local initiatives along the Corridor.